Large Capacity

Embellished with a sprinkle of magic, The Laundry Wizard™ boasts a larger capacity than other laundry carriers.

Making it ideal for transporting large loads of laundry with ease

Just don't blame us if your socks start levitating

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Save Money & Time

Let The Laundry Wizard™ work its magic on your laundry routine, and watch as your laundry bags and baskets disappear, while your trips to the washer and dryer become a breeze.

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With a sprinkle of magic, The Laundry Wizard™ works with any front-loading washer and dryer.

Making it perfect for handling clothes between washer and dryer machine, even if you're a teenage wizard or a senior sorcerer.

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The Laundry Wizard™

  • 🪄 Lightweight & Foldable

  • 🪄 Proprietary Design

  • 🪄 Easy To Clean

  • 🪄 Enviromentally Friendly